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Astar VDR provides easy and secure virtual data rooms, which serve as a central platform for enterprises and outside collaborators to come together and share sensitive information easily and securely.

Astar VDR services are used by market leaders, especially in CEE region, including the largest advisory companies, banks, investment boutiques, law firms and private equity/venture capital funds. We support transactional processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, IPOs, or projects associated with obtaining financing (bond issues, syndicated loans, etc.), as well as projects which require sharing confidential information to external parties.

Welcome to your new virtual data room for sharing information and closing the deals that matter.

Why business needs VDRs

Virtual Data Rooms became a standard tool used during complex and confidential deals, often with the participation of independent financial and legal advisers.


Due Diligence is a constant element of each M&A transaction. The main challenge of this phase is to ensure the safety of confidential documents made available to potential investors. Tools to communicate with the other side of the transaction and to gain control over the whole process are also needed.


Many successful companies decide to raise funds for further development using the solutions offered on the capital market. Whether it is the IPO or bond issue, in each case it is advisable to prepare the Company's prospectus.

Astar virtual data room will allow you to store, organize and securely distribute information about your company to allow for an effective analysis and secure data communications between potential investors.


Restructuring is a complex process which engages many parties. Whether it is a restructuring plan development or a search for potential investor, it becomes critical to efficiently manage a huge amount of information and coordinate all paties that participate in a project


Simplify the complex process of negotiations with banks and minimize the risk of a human error.


Conveniently manage documentation of the audited Companies and monitor the progress of works of your teams.


Take advantage of proven IT solution in organization of Due Diligence when selecting private partner or when negotiating financing with banks.


Investment Directors of Private Equity, Venture Capital, as well as Seed Funds are supported by ASTAR VDR to achieve two key stages of the investment lifecycle: divestments and fundraising. They use our system to improve information management and communication with LP's or potential investors.


Do you run projects with external partners? Do you have to provide confidential information to your financial or legal advisers? Take advantage of IT solutions dedicated to the implementation of complex and confidential transactions.


A sale of a commercial real estate is a process as complex as any M&A transaction. Very often organized under high pressure of time, involving many people, it requires professional preparation to Due Diligence and further negotiations with potential buyers.

The Astar Virtual Data Room Difference

Our virtual data rooms are extraordinarily flexible and focused on our clients’ needs.


Secure Sharing

Share all major file types with enterprise grade security and 24/7 expert support.


Work Faster

Accelerate your workflow with integrated and flexible enterprise-tested solutions.


No Plugins

Astar VDR requires no external plug-ins and works with all major desktop and mobile systems.


We are ready to provide your company with a wide range of services that allow convenient and safe work with our virtual data rooms.

Ease of Use

Sharing files through Astar VDR is easier, faster, and more centralized than through an FTP service or via email. Access Astar VDR through your browser from any desktop or mobile device (Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone) without the hassle of additional software or plugins. Our proprietary technology automatically formats your uploaded files to make them viewable in your browser.

Enhanced Productivity

Create and share your Astar VDR workspace in under 10 minutes. Customize your workspace with a fully configurable platform that lets you control security, permissions, and notification settings. Configure users into teams to help keep track of multiple workspaces and to collaborate with colleagues. Helpful tools like Activity Tracker and Q&A keep everyone on the same page and can facilitate due diligence, audits, and other critical processes.

Clear Pricing

Unlike legacy data room providers, Astar VDR offers transparent and flexible pricing for any sized deal, project, or enterprise. Base your contract around the usage that best fits how you work, whether it’s per user, per page, or per gigabyte, and never pay a single hidden fee or surprise cost. Astar VDR also offers usage-price tiers to provide per-unit savings as usage volume increases.

World-Class Security

Astar VDR is SSAE16 Type II and ISO 27001 certified, and all data is hosted and managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) via their secure data centers. We don’t rely on insecure applications like Java to protect your sensitive information. Workspaces are private and permission-based—only administrators can control who can access which files. Watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) tools allow full control over distributed documents.


Send us a query or ask any question. Our specialists will promptly contact you and provide all the necessary information.

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